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Best blood pressure monitors India

The best Blood Pressure monitors India according to me are accusure, omron,Dr. morepen, Dr. trust. these products provides you qualitive features .

High blood pressure can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Regularly monitoring your blood pressure can help you prevent the risk. But visiting a doctor every month may sound near to impossible, given your busy schedule. Here technology comes to your rescue. A home monitor may treat you to control tab of your blood pressure status and escape health problems. With these brilliant blood pressure monitors, you can simply identify any directions or methods in your body and make lifestyle changes better rapidly. You can show the results to your doctor so that he/she better treatment options. If you have made up your mind to invest in one, here are the smart blood pressure monitors you can consider

Accusure AS series automatic and advance feature Best Blood Pressure monitors India:-

 Accusure BP is use to monitize your Blood Pressure in accurate way. It is one of the most useable best Blood Pressure monitor INDIA.

Feature of accusure Blood Pressure monitor AS:

1.      Easy to use with only one step operation.

2.      It has big/large LCD display to which user show the readings at once and effortlessly.

3.      It consist high precision pressure gauge sensor system.

4.      We can save 60 readings in this monitor to revise our BP measurements.

5.      It comes with 1 year warranty.

6.      Company gives an USB port for charging.

7.      It can detect an irregular heartbeat.

Accusure Blood Pressure covers all the essential functions to monitor/the readings of the user’s Blood  Pressure.The concept of BP monitors is to give exact readings of Blood Pressure.

It equips Accusure with the world organisations IHB and WHO classified.

How to use Accusure Blood Pressure monitor AS:-

1.      Firstly connect the handcuff to the monitor.

2.      Then press the button.

3.      Wear the handcuff to the left hand from above, 2cm from the elbow.

4.      Set date and time according to your choice.

5.      Then press a button on.

After some time, it will show you the result.


accusure BP monitor AS
accusure AS

Omron HEM 7124 Best Blood pressure monitor India:-

 Omron blood pressure monitor is mostly selling monitor in INDIA.

It has unique feature

1.      It detects hyper tension of patient

2.      It is fully automatic.

3.      It has technology of Intelli sense.

4.      We can operate it in one touch.

5.      It has a large LCD display by which user interaction the readings.

6.      It stores last reading in its memory.

7.      Company provides 5 year warranty.

How to use omron HEM 7124 Blood pressure monitor:-

1.      It has a start and stop button by which you can run this monitor.

2.      Take the arm cuff and connect it the monitor with air jack.

3.      Now place the arm cuff to your left hand.

4.      Place arm cuff 2cm above from the elbow to get proper result.

5.      Now sit properly in straight position on chair.

6.      Click on start button.

After a few seconds you will get your reading of BP.

Like SYS:-118,DIA:- 78


omron Blood Pressure monitor 7124
omron 7124

DR. morepen extra large display Best Blood Pressure monitors India:-

Dr. morepen is some of the best selling Blood pressure monitor.

Features of Dr. morepen Extra large display Blood pressure monitor:-

1.      Company provides xl size display to which consumer can understand reading of monitor

2.      It has comfort inflation technology.

3.      It classifies by WHO BP indicator.

4.      It stores last 3 reading of user Blood pressure.

5.      Company provides two user work with by which two user can consume this monitor.

How to use Dr. morepen extra large display Blood pressure monitor:-

1.      It has an up and down button by which you monetize the monitor by changing its date and time according to you.

2.      Company provides an arm cuff, connect that arm cuff to the monitor with the help of air plug to connect that plug to air jeck of monitor.

3.      Now wear that cuff to your left arm.

4.      Place the arm cuff above 2 cm of elbow.

5.      Now sit in straight  position on the chair.

6.      Press the power button.

After few second you will get your result.


morepen large display Blood pressure monitor
morepen large display monitor (USA) Digital Best blood pressure monitors India apparatus and testing machine with USB port Icheck:-

Dr. trust provide a very intresting feature that why it has best selling Blood monitor.

Features of Dr. trust Blood pressure monitor:-

1.     It uses a classy algorithm to detect dangerous fibrillation reception.

2.     The high degree of accuracy is ensured in Afib Mode because it gives you two readings in succession.

3.     The BP monitor is straightforward to use and provides you the heart beat Rate, Systolic and Diastolic Pressures with date, time and user identity.

4.     it’s a memory capacity for two users, storing the info up to 120 vital sign readings per user.

5.     It comes with auto close up feature for power saving.

6.     Premium quality large size Conical Cuff (22-42 cm) is a simple fit everyone within the family.

7.     Well, place the conical cuff on the upper arm correctly to try to to measurements effortlessly ,Comes with implemented AFIB technology

 8. Detects fibrillation (AF) during BP measurements

9.     Company provides USB charging port by which user can transmit to data.

10.     The cuff which is provided by company is washable.


Dr. trust (USA)
dr. trust monitor

Now from the above data, according to me I recommend to buy first dr. trust monitors,and secondly I recommend accusure Blood Pressure monitors.

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