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Overview of HIV symptoms

In this article we are gonna share you HIV symptoms, what is HIV, causes, precaution of HIV and how much it is harmful for us and can we manage the spread of HIV. In this article we also tell how a HIV can cause of AIDS , if we do not do proper thing in HIV then it can cause of AIDS.

What is AIDS?

HIV is an infection that harms the safe framework. The invulnerable framework enables the body to ward off contaminations. Untreated HIV taints and murders CD4 cells, which are a resistant cell called T cells. After some time, as HIV kills more CD4 cells, they bound the body to get unique kinds of contaminations and malignant growths.

It transmits HIV through organic liquids that include:



vaginal and rectal liquids

bosom milk

The infection doesn’t spread in air or water, or through easygoing contact.

HIV is live from a long time and this time there is no treatment present for this disease, but some of some scientist are researching on this from a long time, but infect with precaution of medical care with therapy antiretroviral.

we can live for many years with this virus with the help of precaution

Without treatment, an individual with HIV will probably build up a genuine condition called AIDS.

HIV symptoms
HIV T cell tissue

what is AIDS?

Helps is an illness that can create in individuals with HIV. It’s the most exceptional phase of HIV. Because an individual has HIV doesn’t mean they’ll create AIDS.

HIV slaughters CD4 cells. Solid grown-ups mostly have a CD4 tally of 500 to 1,500 for each cubic millimeter. An individual with HIV whose CD4 check falls beneath 200 for each cubic millimeter will determine to have AIDS.

A person can likewise have AIDS if they’ve HIV and construct up an entrepreneurial illness or malignancy is rare in people who don’t have HIV. A pointy illness, for instance, pneumonia, is one that exploits a rare circumstance, for instance, HIV.

Some symptoms of HIV

We all know the preliminary hardly any weeks after someone contracts HIV as the extreme illness stage. Throughout this time, the infection repeats shortly. 

The person’s invulnerable framework reacts by creating HIV antibodies. These are proteins that battle contamination.

some symptoms of HIV can include:

  • chills
  • fever
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • sore throat
  • skin rash
  • general aches and pains
  • upset stomach
  • nausea
  • headache

What are the symptoms of HIV?

After the primary month or something like that, HIV enters the clinical inactivity stage. This stage can last from two years to two decades. A few people don’t have any indications during this time, while others may have negligible or vague side effects. A vague manifestation is a sign that doesn’t relate to one explicit sickness or condition.

These vague indications may include:

migraines and different throbbing painfulness

swollen lymph hubs

intermittent fevers

night sweats




looseness of the bowels

weight reduction

skin rashes

intermittent oral or vaginal yeast diseases



Likewise, with the beginning period, HIV is as yet irresistible during this time even without side effects and can transmit to someone else. An individual won’t realize they have HIV except if they get tried. On the off chance that somebody has these indications and figures we have presented them to HIV, it’s significant that they get tried.

HIV side effects at this stage may travel every which way, or they may advance quickly. This movement can ease back considerably with treatment. With the reliable utilization of this antiretroviral treatment, ceaseless HIV can keep going for quite a long time and will probably not form into AIDS, if we began treatment early enough. these are the some HIV symptoms

Reasons for HIV symptoms

HIV is a variety of an infection that taints African chimpanzees. Researchers speculate the simian immunodeficiency infection (SIV) hopped from chimps to people when individuals devoured contaminated chimpanzee meat. Once inside the human populace, the infection changed into what we know as HIV. This workable happened as quite a while in the past as the 1920s.

HIV spread from individual to individual throughout Africa throughout a very long while. The infection moved to different pieces of the world. Researchers previously found HIV in a human blood test in 1959.


Albeit quite a few specialists try to create one, there’s proper now no antibody accessible to forestall the transmission of HIV. Be that as it might, guaranteeing strides will help forestall the unfold of HIV.

Safer intercourse

Probably the most well-known route for HIV to unfold is thru butt-centric or vaginal intercourse with no condom. This hazard cannot completely dispose of besides if intercourse refrain from fully the hazard may introduce down considerably by enjoying it protected. 

A person anxious about their hazard of HIV ought to:

Get tried for HIV. It is vital they get conversant in their standing and that of their confederate.

Get tried for different explicitly transmitted contaminations (STIs). On the off likelihood that they check constructive for one, they should get it rewarded, in gentle of the truth that having an STI expands the hazard of contracting HIV.

Use condoms. They should develop into conversant in the correct method to make the most condoms and use them every time they interact in sexual relations, no matter whether it is by vaginal or butt-centric intercourse. 

It is crucial to do not forget that pre-fundamental liquid (which come out earlier than male discharge) can include HIV.

Breaking level with their sexual accomplices. They should have one sexual be a part of forces with whom they’ve a choice sexual relationship.

Settle for their meds as coordinated within the occasion that they’ve HIV. This brings down the hazard of transmitting an infection to their sexual confederate.

Store for condoms.

Original avoidance strategies

Different strides to assist forestall the unfold of HIV embrace:

Abstain from sharing needles or fresh treatment stuff. HIV transmitted by blood and may shrink by using sullied supplies.

Take into consideration PEP. A person who has offered to HIV ought to contact their social insurance coverage provider about buying post-presentation prophylaxis (PEP). 

Power can lower the hazard of contracting HIV. It contains three antiretroviral medications allowed for 28 days. Power should begin on the earliest alternative after the presentation, but earlier than 36 to 72 hours have handed.

Take into consideration PrEP. A person at an excessive hazard of HIV ought to converse with their social insurance coverage provide about pre-introduction prophylaxis (PrEP). 

Every time taken reliably, it might carry down the hazard of contracting HIV. (PrEP) is a mix of two medicines accessible in tablet construction.

Medicinal providers suppliers can provide extra information on these and unique approaches to forestall the unfold of HIV.


As of now, there are no immunizations to forestall or treat HIV. Research and testing on test immunizations are continuous, yet none are near being endorsed for general use. We should be careful and use precautions.

HIV symptoms
world cases of HIV


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