Blood pressure monitors

We use blood pressure monitors to monitise blood vessels pressure,as we know our organs and tissue of the body has blood vessels and these blood vessels are supplies by the heart. heart supplies a large amount of blood vessels to our body parts that is organs and moving of blood vessel it create pressure in two values.

1. Systolic Blood Pressure (SYS)

2. Diastolic Blood pressure (DIA)

Some Blood Pressure Monitors:-

Accusure blood pressure monitor TD:-

Accusure blood pressure monitor TD is unique and newly technological based blood pressure monitor. It helps people to monetize their heart beat and let them help to be healthy and we know when we are healthy than we are productive to over work so we should be always healthy and wealthy.

How to use accusure blood pressure monitor TD:-

1. install the batteries to the monitor.

2. Then connect the handcuff which is provided with a monitor to monitor your heartbeat.

3. after that you should sit properly straight position.

4. then take the handcuff and wear it on your left hand.

5. after that place hand cuff 2 cm above from the elbow.

6. then press the start button/power button.

It sound like beef and after that it will show you result like;

SYS mmhg-137.

DIA mmhg- 95

Pulse/min- 93

Special feature:-

You can check your before measurements of blood pressure by pressing side button of power button.

Feature of accusure blood pressure monitor TD

1.      It has a dual user profile by which two people can use this monitor to monetize their BP

2.      It has been classified by WHO world health organization.

3.      It has irregular heart beat detection.

4.      It contains 60 measurements memory space and you can delete your desired memory that you want  for reuse.

5.      It shows date and time with every measurement of your Blood pressure.

6.      It contains Display LCD by which you can understand reading easily.

7.      It is quite easy and simple to use.

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accusure TD monitor
accusure TD monitor

Some alternative blood pressure monitor:-

1.      Omron.

2.      Dr. morepen.

3.      Dr. trust.

Omron HEM 7130:-

It is one of the alternative of blood pressure monitor

Feature of Omron HEM 7130:-

1.      It has a large display unit which shows all the readings.

2.      It has a button to set the time and date which you want.

3.      It also has an up and down button by which you can navigate its functions.

4.      It contains a button by which you can listen previous readings and also you can check them.

5.      Lastly button which is used to start and stop.

How to use Omron Hem 7130:-

1.      Install the batteries.

2.      Set the date and time according to you with the help of navigate button up and down button.

3.      Install the air plug of handcuff to the air jek.

4.      Now put the hand cuff to your left hand from 2 cm above of elbow joint.

5.      Then press the start button.

6.      After that it shows the reading.


SYS mmhg-117

DIA mmhg- 86

Pulse/min- 71.

Key feature:-

It works on oscillometric method.


omron 7130

Dr. morepen BP02:-

It is one of the alternative of blood pressure monitor,It is good to use simple like accusure.

Features of Dr. morepen BP02:-

1.      It detects and measure irregular heartbeat.

2.      It is classified with WHO. identification.

3.      It can store 60 measurements in its memory.

4.      Averaging of three reading.

Dr. moepen BP 02 is a fully automatic digital blood pressure  device which is use in arms/ hands.It provide reliable and fast readings pf SYS and DIA blood pressure,With the help of oscilometric measuring.

morepen 02

DR. trust talking digital bp monitor 101:-

Dr. trust is one of the best alternative of BP monitor in India.

Features of blood pressure monitor:-

1.      It has ability to talk both language hindi and English dual, with micro USb port feature and it also support multi pheripheral USB devices.

2.      It has uniquiness of fuzzy algorithm which gives suberb accuracy in irregular heartbeat detection, with the help of fuzzy algorithm it control over pumping and give superb accuracy patented.

3.      It avoid inaccurate result & pulse measurement accuracy is fast and reliable we can find result with in a second.

4.      With this monitor you will get Dr. trust thermometer.

5.      You will get batteries but not chargeable

6.      They provide 5 year extended warranty.

How to use :-

1.      Install the batteries.

2.      Insert air plug of cuff to air jeck.

3.      Set the date and time according to your choice.

4.      Now put handcuff to your left hand above 2 cm of elbow.

5.      Click on start button.

After some time you will get result in SYS and DIA. 101

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