Top 11 medical device industry/companies

The medical device industry/companies is creating at a fast tempo that doesn’t seem as if it would again off at any level quickly.

The event inside this trade has predominantly occurred in view of the increasing measure of the maturing populace across the globe who’ve fixed sicknesses.

These sicknesses require different medicines that may relieve negative effects and bolster the influenced folks.

This trade is important to sufferers and other people for a heap of causes. All the things necessary for development of human, all of them made by scientist.

The important recipients of ongoing mechanical progressions incorporate sufferers who require cardiovascular observing and cerebrum checking.

or the top Medtech organizations with enough assets, the components that add to their progressions remember rising patterns for distributed computing,  IoT, AI-based technologies, and blockchain.

This article provides detailed looks at 11 of the top medical device companies that are leading the industry for 2020.

top 11 most growing medical device industry/companies

medical device industry/companies NameRevenue Market Capitalization
Medtronic plc

$30.4 billion $122 billion

Johnson & Johnson$27.3 billion $346 billion

Cardinal Health, Inc.$15.6 billion $13.3 billion

Abbott Laboratories

$16.8 billion $127 billion

Siemens AG

$16 billion $94.6 billion
Stryker Corporation
$13.3 billion $58.6 billion
General Electric Company
$19.7 billion $65.8 billion
Baxter International Inc.$11 billion $35 billion

3M Company$6 billion $111 billion
Boston Scientific Corporation$9.8 billion $48.9 billion
Becton, Dickinson, and Company
$16 billion $60.7 billion
to medical device companies summary

1. Medtronic PLC medical device industry/companies

medical device industry and companies

Medtronic plc is a clinical gadget organization that has been at the highest point of the business for almost three decades. Based out of Ireland, Medtronic was at first established in 1949 and has since become the pioneer in a few areas of the clinical gadget industry.

They have four fundamental regions of center with the clinical gadgets that they create, which include:

Restorative therapies

Cardiac and vascular

Minimally invasive therapies


Towards the finish of 2018, they got Mazor Robotics, which is a top orthopedic gadget maker. With the over $30 billion in incomes they’ve amassed in 2018 and 2019, it seems like Medtronic will keep on being in the driver’s seat of the clinical gadget industry.

contact Medtronic plc by going to their website or by calling them at 1 (800) 633-8766.

2. Johnson and Johnson

medical device industry and companies

Johnson and Johnson is a clinical gadget organization that viewed as main Johnson and Johnson medical device industry/companies. It works on some  clinical gadget organizations, which include:


Biosense Webster



They have for quite some time been a main clinical gadget organization to a great extent because of their attention on medical procedure, orthopedic consideration, diabetes, cardiovascular, and vision care.

In 2018 alone, they got more than $27 billion in incomes and have the best market capitalization in the business at $346 billion.

You can contact Johnson and Johnson by heading off to their site or by calling them at 1 (866) 565-2873.

3. Cardinal Health, Inc.

medical device industry and companies

Cardinal Health, Inc. is among the biggest clinical gadget organizations on the planet and has a spot on the Fortune Global 500. They have a worldwide nearness with a central station in both Dublin, OH, and Dublin, Ireland.

Cardinal Health is the biggest producer of careful items and clinical gadgets in the nation which show by them giving supplies to over 75 percent of the medical clinics in the U.S.

Their items incorporate everything from sturdy clinical hardware to groundbreaking understanding observing frameworks. Having made about $16 billion in incomes in 2018, they are ready to keep being an innovator in the business.

You can contact Cardinal Health, Inc. by heading off to their site or by calling them at 1 (800) 964-5227.

4. Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is an enormous human services organization based out of Chicago that represents considerable authority in nourishment, pharmaceuticals, indicative medicines, and clinical gadgets.

The symptomatic hardware and clinical gadgets that they make utilise by many research facilities, medical clinics, and other human services settings everywhere throughout the world.

They are among the major organizations in the clinical gadget industry because their hardware and gadgets are exceptionally powerful at diagnosing ailments and giving nonstop observing.

The clinical gadget part of their organization had the option to create upwards of $19 billion of incomes in 2018 alone.

You can contact Abbott Laboratories by heading off to their site or by calling them at (224) 667-6100.

5. Siemens AG

Siemens AG logo

Siemens AG is a far-reaching modern assembling organization that views as among the chief producers and engineers of clinical gadgets in the business.

Their items base on demonstrative gear and clinical imaging frameworks, the last of which have showed to be the primary giver of the more than $15 billion in incomes they earned in 2018. The essential markets that they convey clinical gadgets to incorporate South East Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

You can contact Siemens AG by setting off to their site or by calling them at 1 (800) 743-6367.

6. Stryker Corporation medical device industry/companies

Stryker Corporation logo

Stryker Corporation is a clinical gadget and advancements organization that spends significant time in creating and assembling careful results of various types.

The careful hardware that they make incorporates endoscopic frameworks and inserts that utilise for injury, medical procedures and joint substitutions.

They likewise give a wide scope of neurosurgical gadgets, crisis clinical hardware, and spinal gadgets, all of which have gotten progressively looked for after in medical clinics and other social insurance settings, transport their clinical items to human services offices over 100 nations throughout the world, are a top clinical,gadget organization since they produce more than $13 billion in incomes for both 2018 and 2019.

You can contact Stryker Corporation by setting off to their site or by calling them at (269) 385-2600.

7. General Electric Company medical device industry/companies

General Electric Company logo

General Electric Company is a major life science and medicinal services framework organization that fundamental known for assembling and dispersing such current clinical gear as social insurance gadgets, ultrasound gadgets, and imaging frameworks.

They likewise offer a scope of clinical diagnostics benefits throughout the worldwide market. In 2018 alone, they had the option to create more than $20 billion in incomes.

You can contact General Electric Company by setting off to their site or by calling them at 1 (262) 544-3011.

8. Baxter International, Inc. medical device industry/companies

Baxter International Inc. logo

Baxter International Inc. is an American medicinal services organization on the Fortune 500 that centers on giving advances and imaginative treatments to the treatment of perilous diseases for patients are in the ICU.

In 2018, they had the option to create more than $11 billion in incomes, which was an expansion of almost $500 million from the earlier year. In recent years, Baxter International has concentrated on acquisitions that can enable them to develop considerably further as a clinical gadget organization.

You can contact Baxter International Inc. by heading off to their site or by calling them at 1 (800) 422-9837.

9. 3M Company medical device industry/companies

3M Company logo

The 3M Company is a worldwide combination that works in a wide scope of various fields, one of which is the clinical gadget industry. In 2018, their incomes beat $6 billion for the year, which permitted them to have a market top of around $111 billion.

While the clinical gadgets that they create and fabricate profoundly fluctuate, their most well-known contributions incorporate wellbeing data frameworks and patient observing gadgets.

Their stethoscopes utilise by a huge number of social insurance experts around the globe. They proceeded with progressions to have permitted them to gain a spot on the clinical gadget industry.

You can contact 3M Company by heading off to their site or by calling them at 1 (888) 364-3577.

10. Boston Scientific Corporation medical device industry/companies

Boston Scientific Corporation logo

Boston Scientific Corporation is a chief maker of clinical gadgets that centers on interventional clinical claims to fame, which include:



Vascular medical procedure

Cardiovascular medical procedure


A year ago, they had the option to get an organization that creates current and propelled medicines for lumbar spinal stenosis. In 2018, they created about $10 billion in incomes, which is one more year that their incomes have expanded when contrasted with the earlier year. In 2019, incomes hopped to $10.7 billion.

You can contact Boston Scientific Corporation by setting off to their site or by calling them at (888) 272-1001.

11. Becton, Dickinson and medical device industry/companies

Becton, Dickinson and Company logo

Becton, Dickinson and Company is an American organization that offers clinical gadgets, reagents, and instrument frameworks. They mean to achieve another time of medical device industry/companies services by conveying clinical arrangements and items to each side of the world.

Their incomes of $16 billion out of 2018 position them as a major organization in the clinical gadget industry.

They partition their organization into a biosciences unit, an actual existence sciences portion, and a clinical fragment which permits them to make gadgets for each division of the clinical gadget industry.

You can contact Becton, Dickinson and Company by heading off to their site or by calling them at 1 (201) 847-6800.

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